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Esteban is a highly motivated and energetic Multifamily Investment Advisor.  He specializes in Multifamily dispositions and acquisitions both on and off-market.  Having worked in all asset classes and sizes, from turnkey to value-add properties, he has the knowledge and what it takes to get to the closing table.  He strives to build strong relationships and help his clients grow their net worth and portfolios.

Prior to his real estate career, Esteban worked in hospitality and customer service.  Notably, he worked in Local Government and has many years of experience in right-of-way management.  All these enterprises it has given him a business-driven mindset, entrepreneurship, and determination to succeed.

In his free time, Esteban enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter by traveling, exploring, and learning about different cultures.  Also, he has a love for all things football (soccer), and especially his favorite team is Chelsea Football Club.


  • Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Multi-family
  • Hospitality

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